Addiction Treatment for Union Members & Leaders

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects and seeks to destroy the lives of anyone it touches. It manifests without regard to race, creed or ability. Addiction treatment providers shouldn’t discriminate either. Regardless of what you do. Who you work for. How much money you make. You’re entitled to adequate and comprehensive care for addiction and mental health disorders. Everyone deserves a chance to recover in a safe, monitored, and credentialed facility. If you’re a union employee and you find yourself at the crossroads of considering options for behavioral healthcare and addiction rehabilitation. There are solutions.

The Right to Quality Care

Organized labor unions have a long history of standing up for what’s fair, right and justified. They’ve sacrificed to establish fair wages and clearer rights. Including the right to receive quality mental and behavioral healthcare services. If you feel like we’re speaking to you. You know you need to make a decision about your health and your future. Speak to your union representative about the benefits and services available to you.

Dedicated Resources & Coordinated Care

Quality programs understand that different populations require the coordination of distinct resources, benefits and personnel. For truly effective care coordination on behalf of organized labor stakeholders and beneficiaries programs have to focus on the flow of care. Things like dedicated staff members and case workers who understand the sensitive nature of addiction. Case managers who understand the flow of information in labor unions, are all essential to effective service delivery.

Union members enter treatment with a unique range of needs and challenges. The care team at their rehabilitation center must understand how to work with them in progressing through treatment. Reintegrating with their family, community, society and fraternity.

Pennsylvania Treatment Programs for Union Members & Leaders

With these and other issues top of mind. Our team of experts developed the Bradford Recovery Center Return to Duty (RTD) Program. RTD participants are provided a suite of therapeutic and supportive services designed to ensure a seamless transition from work, through treatment, and into life again.

Program Highlights

We provide dedicated call lines for each union we serve. This allows members seeking help to communicate directly with a substance abuse professional (SAP) and begin the treatment and recovery process immediately. Additionally, employers and union leaders can call to initiate the assessment process on behalf of an employee with a drug or alcohol violation.

Employees & Union Members Receive:

  • An initial substance abuse assessment to determine needs, strengths, beliefs, goals and objectives
  • A level of care assessment to determine placement into the most appropriate level of treatment or educational support
  • Comprehensive detoxification and inpatient services, as well as coordination of outpatient services
  • Development and implementation of a long-term, individualized treatment & recovery plan
  • Case management after treatment to ensure compliance with continuing care and reintegration to work and society
  • Return to work documentation

Union Leaders & Employers Receive:

  • Supportive services to retain valuable employees and members
  • All documentation for necessary releases of information and return to work paperwork
  • Coordination with agency key personnel to mitigate drug and alcohol violations
  • Communication with toxicology providers and medical examiners to provide insight on usage reporting
  • SAP credentialed, federally supported recommendations on necessary actions for each violation

The Next Steps

If you need help, or you’re searching for options on behalf of a loved one or an employee who needs help, contact the admissions team at our accredited Pennsylvania drug rehab centers today.