Withdrawal Symptoms & Timelines

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is a difficult, painful and even life threatening process. It is imperative that an individual with a significant substance use disorder seek proper medically monitored or medically managed detoxification services before holistic and psychological interventions can take root to establish long-term recovery experiences. This is a comprehensive overview of the … Read More

Gender-Responsive Addiction Treatment

Every individual experiences addiction and recovery differently. Everyone’s story is different, and informed treatment providers understand and respect these differences. Additionally, addiction affects each gender differently. The challenges faced by women are not necessarily the same as those faced by men. Gender-Responsive addiction treatment programs consider these differences and foster a safe, supportive environment focused … Read More

Recovery as a Working Professional

People in professional occupations are expected to account for high levels of performance, accountability and responsibility. The psychological, philosophical, emotional and physical strain of these positions separates them from other occupations. Physicians and medical professionals, attorneys, pilots, and others usually maintain a license, accreditation or certification to practice within their field. They often own a … Read More

Addiction Treatment for Union Members & Leaders

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects and seeks to destroy the lives of anyone it touches. It manifests without regard to race, creed or ability. Addiction treatment providers shouldn’t discriminate either. Regardless of what you do. Who you work for. How much money you make. You’re entitled to adequate and comprehensive care for addiction and mental health … Read More

Strategies For Family Healing

Once families have assessed the impact of addiction in their own dynamic; Once they’ve identified with the assumed roles associated with an addicted loved one, the only appropriate subsequent step is toward constructive, restorative action. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to begin implementing in activities of daily living. Use this article as a … Read More

How Addiction Impacts The Family

Addiction: A Family Disease An untreated alcoholic or addict can affect everyone they come in contact with. Those who suffer the most are often the people closest to them; the family. Addiction impacts the family on all levels – emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and the list goes on. Established family dynamics are often stressed to … Read More

Co-Occurring Disorders: Challenges & Treatments

The existence of mental health disorders along with substance abuse — known as “co-occurring disorders” — affect over 8 million adults in the U.S. Co-occurring disorders pose unique challenges to treatment teams, and relatively few programs are equipped to assess, diagnose and treat them. People diagnosed with depression, PTSD, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality … Read More

BRC Achieves Joint Commission Accreditation

The Gold Seal of National Quality Approval Bradford Recovery Center – a premier provider of integrated addiction treatment services in Pennsylvania – was recently awarded the Joint Commission’s gold seal of national quality approval. This accreditation is a testament to our uncompromising commitment to quality clinical outcomes, and the organization-wide culture of safety maintained throughout our … Read More

Anxiety & Addiction

What Is Anxiety, Really? According to the American Psychological Association, Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. In and of itself, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It calls our attention to the perceived problem at hand and moves us to take action to … Read More

Depression & Addiction

Depression isn’t an easy thing to talk about. There are so many opinions on the issue, ranging from informed and knowledge-based to limited and prejudiced, that most people (affected or otherwise) would rather just keep to themselves. “Everybody has bad days”, some say, “I ‘get depressed’ all the time”. And it’s true, most people experience … Read More