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The medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program at Bradford Recovery Center, located in Millerton, Pennsylvania, provides care for adults age 18 and older whose lives have been disrupted by addiction. Our effective combination of medication and therapy can help you reach successful long-term recovery.

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Learn about medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

The medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program at Bradford Recovery Center, located in Millerton, Pennsylvania, uses both medication and therapy to help adults age 18 and older who are struggling with addiction to achieve sustained recovery. The MAT program can also help adults who are experiencing certain mental health challenges in addition to a substance use disorder.

The medications we use in our MAT program allow you or your loved one to stop using substances without experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms or distressing cravings. The therapeutic components of MAT can help you or your loved one understand the root of your addiction and provide you with the tools you need to support long-term sobriety.

Bradford Recovery Center is a fully licensed opioid treatment program (OTP), which means you can have peace of mind in knowing that our north-central Pennsylvania facility passed robust national accreditation and certification processes. We are dedicated to providing each individual who comes to us to heal from addiction and certain coexisting mental health challenges with programming that meets their unique and complex needs.

What Are the Benefits of MAT?

Discover the benefits of participating in the MAT program at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs offer a whole-person approach to healing from a substance use disorder. When you or someone you care about participates in the MAT program at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, some of the benefits include:

  • Relief from withdrawal symptoms – When an individual experiences withdrawal from a substance they have been abusing, it can be painful and overwhelming. If you try to end your substance use without support, you might experience physical pain, psychological distress, and intense cravings. When you participate in a MAT program, you will receive prescription medication that can help ease your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Therapeutic support – The therapeutic component of MAT cares for your mind and spirit, helping you identify what might have led to your substance use. While participating in therapy, you can develop the skills you need to transition back to daily living and make lifestyle changes that will support your long-term recovery.
  • Ability to engage in daily life – The medications used in MAT programs change the way an individual’s brain interacts with substances, preventing distressing withdrawal symptoms while keeping the individual from feeling high. This means that if you take your medication as directed, you are much more likely to be able to work, drive a car, and engage in your daily life.
  • Less likely to relapse – The combination of personalized medication and therapeutic interventions has shown to be an effective approach in reducing the likelihood that a person will experience relapse. Because MAT programs provide a much more comprehensive, individualized care approach, people who participate in them are usually much more likely to experience a full recovery.

What Medications Do We Use?

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Choosing the medications that we use in the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, is a fully collaborative process between you and your medical team. Because we are a fully licensed opioid treatment program (OTP), we are able to offer our patients the option to choose which medication they would like to use to start healing from addiction. However, your medical team at Bradford Recovery Center will work closely with you to help you select the medication and prescribe the dosage that is right for you.

The medications used in our MAT program are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and designed to stop you or your loved one from feeling the euphoric effects of the substance you have been using. The medication eases withdrawal symptoms and prevents substance cravings, which gives you mental clarity to engage in your daily life and participate in therapy.

Medication options available in Bradford Recovery Center’s MAT program include: 

  • Buprenorphine  Approved by the FDA in 2002, buprenorphine partially activates the opioid receptors in the brain, reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing any feelings of euphoria. Although buprenorphine is safe and effective when taken as directed, some individuals take naltrexone in combination with buprenorphine to decrease the likelihood of misuse.
  • Naltrexone  Also approved by the FDA for use in MAT programs, naltrexone blocks opioid receptors from activating altogether. Rather than controlling withdrawal symptoms and cravings, naltrexone blocks them from occurring. Individuals also do not experience any feelings of euphoria when taking naltrexone. 

Our specially trained care team conducts a thorough assessment of each individual who comes to our Millerton, Pennsylvania, facility to heal. We will work handinhand with you or your loved one to decide which medication program might benefit your recovery the most. 

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If you think that you or someone you care about might benefit from the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, please contact us directly. Our care team is ready to work with you or your loved one to create an individualized care and recovery plan that is tailored to your strengths, beliefs, goals, and objectives to ensure that you experience sustained healing from your addiction challenges.

I was resistant to go to treatment. I never thought it could change my life the way it did. The staff, the groups, the people, everything about this place has changed my life for the better. For anyone on the fence about getting help, please take Bradford into consideration - it really saved my life in more ways than one.

– Lauren E.
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