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Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, provides comprehensive, personalized OxyContin addiction treatment services for adults age 18 and older. Our OxyContin addiction treatment center in north-central Pennsylvania is a safe and supportive place where adults receive customized care from experienced professionals.

Learn About OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Treatment for OxyContin addiction at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

OxyContin addiction is a type of opioid use disorder characterized by a chemical dependency on prescription opioid pain relievers. OxyContin is the brand name for oxycodone hydrochloride, and when taken as directed by your doctor, it is safe to use for pain relief. But if a person misuses OxyContin by taking more than their doctor prescribes or taking it when they don’t need it, they can become dependent on the drug and end up developing a substance use disorder.

Like other opioids such as heroin or fentanyl, OxyContin interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain, changing the way the brain responds to pain and producing a feeling of euphoria in addition to pain relief. An individual who suffers from an OxyContin addiction and doesn’t seek treatment will develop a significant tolerance to opioids and will experience severe withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop taking them.

Many people who have untreated OxyContin addiction develop severe cravings for opioids, and any substances that look like whole or crushed pills can trigger these cravings. This can make it very challenging for individuals who are struggling with OxyContin addiction to stop abusing opioids or prevent relapse even if their opioid abuse is causing harm in their daily lives.

Bradford Recovery Center, located in the tranquil mountains of Millerton, Pennsylvania, provides personalized treatment for adults age 18 and older who are struggling with OxyContin addiction. Seeking help for an opioid use disorder is the first step toward a more fulfilling life that is free from the confines of addiction. The expert staff at our addiction treatment center can help you or your loved one get on the road to long-term recovery.

Why Consider Treatment at Bradford

Why consider getting OxyContin addiction treatment at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

If you or someone you care about is suffering from OxyContin addiction, it is vital to seek treatment as soon as possible so that you do not experience any long-term effects. When an individual abuses OxyContin, they might experience a wealth of distressing side effects, such as constipation, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, dizziness, headaches, sweating, and loss of appetite.

Many people who suffer from OxyContin addiction engage in illegal activities, such as forgery, burglary, or receiving stolen goods, in order to obtain opioids. Engaging in these activities puts them at a higher risk for getting in trouble with the law, and many people who have untreated OxyContin addiction also experience frequent arrests or incarceration.

The longer an individual abuses OxyContin, the higher their risk of starting to abuse illegal substances such as heroin. This elevates their health risk because illegal street drugs are often laced with other unknown substances that can cause permanent damage to the body. And taking large doses of any opioid can cause an individual’s breathing to slow until they eventually stop breathing, leading to accidental death.

The caring and compassionate staff at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, can help you or your loved one get treatment for OxyContin addiction. When you seek care at our addiction treatment center at the first signs of an opioid use disorder, you lower your risk of experiencing any long-term effects of OxyContin addiction.

Types of Treatment We Offer

Types of treatment for OxyContin addiction at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

The staff at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, is committed to finding the most beneficial treatment solutions for every individual who comes to us to heal from OxyContin addiction. We will conduct a thorough assessment to determine which types of treatment and therapeutic interventions you or your loved one might benefit from most.

Based on that assessment, our expert staff will develop a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your specific recovery needs. With your individualized care in mind, your OxyContin addiction treatment plan might include:

  • Medical care
  • Medication management services
  • Experiential therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Detoxification services
  • Group therapy
  • Family services program

At our addiction treatment center located in the peaceful countryside of north-central Pennsylvania, we believe in a mind, body, spirit approach to healing. The staff at Bradford Recovery Center takes into account the whole person when developing a personalized treatment plan for OxyContin addiction, ensuring that you or your loved one builds a foundation for longstanding wellness.

Continuing Care After Residential Treatment

Continuing care options for OxyContin addiction treatment at Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, PA

Choosing Bradford Recovery Center in Millerton, Pennsylvania, to heal from OxyContin addiction can be an essential first step toward sustained sobriety. Our goal for every individual who comes to us for treatment for OxyContin addiction is that they are prepared for continued success once their time in residential treatment is over. To create the most comprehensive and personalized continuing care plan possible, we start your discharge planning your first week in residential care with us.

As with all services you receive at our addiction treatment center in north-central Pennsylvania, we personalize your discharge plan to meet the recovery needs you and your care team have established during your time in treatment with us. We also offer additional education, such as relapse prevention, conflict resolution, developing support systems, and understanding triggers and cravings, to prepare you for your transition out of residential treatment.

We will help you step down to whatever level of care is appropriate, whether that’s outpatient mental health, a family therapist, extended care, an intensive outpatient program (IOP), a partial hospitalization program (PHP), a vocational program, a recovery house, county assistance, medication-assisted treatment, a dentist, or an eye doctor. A member of our staff will also make frequent contact with you to check on your progress for up to 90 days after you have left residential treatment.

We also strongly encourage you to get involved in our alumni network after you leave residential treatment with us. Our alumni host many events throughout the year, such as family picnics, ice skating, and hiking, and are a wonderful support system as you embark on your recovery journey.

For more information about discharge planning, continuing care after treatment for OxyContin addiction, or any other addiction treatment services at Bradford Recovery Center, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

I was resistant to go to treatment. I never thought it could change my life the way it did. The staff, the groups, the people, everything about this place has changed my life for the better. For anyone on the fence about getting help, please take Bradford into consideration - it really saved my life in more ways than one.

– Lauren E.
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