Gender-Responsive Addiction Treatment

Every individual experiences addiction and recovery differently. Everyone’s story is different, and informed treatment providers understand and respect these differences. Additionally, addiction affects each gender differently. The challenges faced by women are not necessarily the same as those faced by men. Gender-Responsive addiction treatment programs consider these differences and foster a safe, supportive environment focused on the needs, strengths, beliefs, goals, objectives and experiences of each individual.

Unique Experiences

Research abundantly confirms that relationships, sexuality, self-image and spirituality are connected with addiction, and are all experienced distinctly by men and women in active recovery. Informed providers acknowledge this vital distinction and work to create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where openness is fluid, natural and encouraged.

Women often fear the social stigma attached to acknowledging the presence of a substance use or mental health disorder. Additionally, trauma and unhealthy relationships play a role in leading women to substance use as a means of attempting to maintain a relationship or “fill a void”. Conversely, data suggests men often use substances to avoid connecting altogether.

Significant differences like these may keep men and women from fully engaging treatment if they are placed in groups and tracks together. Gender-responsive treatment programs allow each gender to focus on the issues most prevalent in their lives. They are free to be open, honest and direct while delving into underlying causes and conditions and developing healthy strategies for coping with the stressors of daily life. It also helps to forge stronger connections with others in the recovery process.

Individualized Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Bradford Recovery Center is sensitive to the individual needs of men and women and offers gender responsive services within a range of integrated co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment programs. New patients are given a comprehensive biopsychosocial clinical evaluation and assigned to appropriate primary clinical, medical and psychiatric team members.
Across a suite of thoughtfully designed clinical services, including group, individual, family and experiential therapies, men and women have unique opportunities to participate in individualized addiction recovery programs.

Comprehensive Care

Bradford Recovery Center specializes in detoxification and inpatient residential treatment services. These programs are aimed at setting patients up for lifelong success. We also work closely with like-minded care partners who offer similarly individualized addiction treatment programs throughout the region.

Free Substance Abuse Assessment

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