Withdrawal Symptoms & Timelines

Addiction Treatment PA Drug Rehab

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is a difficult, painful and even life threatening process. It is imperative that an individual...More

Gender-Responsive Addiction Treatment

Gender-Responsive Addiction Treatment in PA

Every individual experiences addiction and recovery differently. Everyone’s story is different, and informed treatment providers understand and respect these differences....More

Recovery as a Working Professional

inpatient addiction recovery

People in professional occupations are expected to account for high levels of performance, accountability and responsibility. The psychological, philosophical, emotional...More

Addiction Treatment for Union Members & Leaders

Drug Rehab in PA. Programs for Union Members & Union Leaders

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects and seeks to destroy the lives of anyone it touches. It manifests without regard to...More

Strategies For Family Healing

Strategies for Dealing With An Addicted Loved One.

Once families have assessed the impact of addiction in their own dynamic; Once they’ve identified with the assumed roles associated...More

How Addiction Impacts The Family

Addiction in the Family

Addiction: A Family Disease An untreated alcoholic or addict can affect everyone they come in contact with. Those who suffer...More

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