The Bradford Recovery Center Approach to Drug & Alcohol Detox

We offer a caring and compassionate confidential drug & alcohol detox environment for patients suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. For some people, the most challenging part about starting the recovery process is getting through the discomfort of withdrawal. Bradford Recovery Center’s Pennsylvania drug rehab centers specialize in coordinated care for individuals suffering from addiction. We make every effort to ensure the detox process as pain free and as comfortable as possible.

The Purpose of Drug Detox & Alcohol Detox

The purpose of drug & alcohol detox programs is to end the immediate physical dependency of a patient upon an addictive substance. Physical dependency is exhibited when an individual discovers that when they try to go without their substance of choice that they become ill or suffer from unusual side effects. Experienced staff at our drug rehab work closely with each individual to make sure they have the appropriate medication to counteract the negative side-effects of withdrawal, and to provide the correct balance of nutrition to replenish the body with what it needs to heal.

*During this detox phase of treatment, we request that family members and other visitors respect the patient’s privacy.

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