Opioid Treatment Program

Our country is in the midst of an epidemic. Opioid addiction, dependence, overdose and death has exploded beyond the borders of urban and metropolitan areas. It has spread full force into the suburbs, the country, the smalls towns of America. Families and communities are left in fear and despair, and many people simply don’t know where to turn.

Recovery Is Possible

It’s easy to lose hope. Social, national and local media all seem to highlight the instances of relapse and death. It can seem like a constant barrage of terrible news.

But recovery is possible. All over the nation programs, providers and community members are working to turn the tide in favor of long-term, sustainable recovery. High quality rehabilitation programs are administering effective, evidence-based treatments that save and change lives every day.

Medication-Assisted Treatments for Opioid Addiction

Opioids like Oxycodone and Fentanyl are powerful drugs that relieve pain. At an objective and fundamental level, intentionally relieving pain is a vital function of modern medicine. But, Opioids are also highly addictive, and when abused can create feelings of euphoria coupled with symptoms and patterns of profound psychological and physical dependence.

Clinical and medical evidence suggests that the most effective strategy for the treatment of opioid use disorder includes a combination of Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) and counseling services.