Recovery. Society. Fraternity.

Bradford Recovery Center’s Return to Duty program is a comprehensive suite of therapeutic and supportive services designed to give employers, employees, union leaders and union members the best chance at establishing sobriety and resuming vital places in their communities.

Strong Recovery Means Stronger Unions

Our aim is to collaborate thoughtfully with unions and labor organizations to support the continued success of dedicated and hard-working Americans. We strive to ally ourselves with unions in providing education to leadership and membership alike. An honest and comprehensive understanding of addiction – and the resources available to treat it – is essential not just to individual lives, but to a healthy and productive society. Our program maintains a culture of solidarity. We emphasize fraternity and fellowship – mirroring the structure and spirit of organized labor associations.

“We understand the significantly greater chance of a successful recovery experience when a person is able to maintain their social capital. That is, the occupational, familial, housing and financial pillars of their lives. Our goal in working with labor organizations is to catch addiction early; to assess, address and treat each person’s needs before those vital supports are driven down and eliminated. To do that, we have to connect every dot. We have to work together.”

– Charles Adams, CEO

Charles Adams, CEO of Bradford Recovery Center, meets with James Hoffa, International President of the Teamsters
Charles Adams discusses vital health services with Marc Dreves of Teamsters 926

Clear Communication

We provide dedicated toll-free call lines for each union we serve. This allows members seeking help to communicate directly with a substance abuse professional (SAP) and begin the treatment and recovery process immediately. Additionally, employers and union leaders can call to initiate the assessment process on behalf of an employee with a drug or alcohol violation.

Employees & Union Members Receive:

Union Leaders & Employers Receive:



Bradford Recovery Center Proudly supports and serves the international brotherhood of teamsters, united auto workers, and all unions under the PA AFL-CIO.

Charles Adams meets with Leadership from the Carpenters Union Local 445
Charles Adams meets with Rick Bloomingdale, President of Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
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