Patient confidentiality is of paramount importance to us at Bradford Recovery Center’s Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Centers. We abide by all HIPA laws and requirements as a matter of legal responsibility and as matter of protecting the privacy of our patients. The purpose of the following policy is to respect and protect the right of patients and employees to privacy and to maintain the integrity of the facility.

Employees, volunteers, interns and visitors to the facility must consider all information with regard to patients, employees or the operation of BRC with which they may come in contact to be confidential. The importance of keeping all information regarding patients in strictest confidence, from a both moral and a legal perspective shall be covered with all new employees.

The importance of keeping all information regarding the management and operation of Retreat and of employees confidential shall be covered. It is considered improper for an employee of Retreat to discuss business with a non-employee or a former employee. Employees, interns and volunteers must understand Federal Confidentiality Law 42 CFR and State Confidentiality Law PA Code 255 supersedes all other regulations and agree to follow all regulations at all times. All employees, interns and volunteers must sign documents attesting to this information. This signed document is part of employee’s Human Resources File. Confidentiality concerns apply to interns and volunteer workers as well as to paid employees. Violation of confidentiality obligations can lead to disciplinary action including employee/intern/volunteer termination. Records concerning persons receiving or having received treatment shall be kept confidential and shall not be released nor their content disclosed without the consent of the person unless one there the circumstances meet criteria for exceptions, identified and listed below. Patients shall be notified of the specific conditions under which information may be released without their consent. Requests for information and the action taken shall be recorded in the patient’s record.Additional Information and Treatment Resources.

Our facility recognizes that it cannot be all things to all people. In the event that clients are seeking help from other licensed, accredited and HIPAA compliant providers, there are facilities and providers throughout our region and the country. There are premier PA drug rehab centers,  NJ drug rehab centers, CT drug rehab centers, WA drug rehab centers, and many others around the nation that may be able to help you. Additionally, there are third party service providers available to help facilities stay on top of quality care, In Network Toxicology testing labs, and drug testing labs around the country.

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