Information on Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Best Practices

Addiction and mental health disorders are devastating the country. Stakeholders and providers throughout the U.S. are organizing themselves in an effort to fight the epidemic. Fortunately, in the midst of this revitalization of the treatment and recovery service industries, there has been a focus on holistic and integrated services designed to address the complex co-occurring disorders at the heart of the problem.

Therapeutic Interventions & Treatment Modalities Utilized at our Treatment Facility

At Bradford Recovery Center’s integrated Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Centers, we admit and treat individuals suffering from various addictive and co-occurring disorders. Each client case is unique and individualized. Effective addiction and mental treatment programs utilize various treatment modalities and interventions to help individual clients with their individual needs, goals and challenges. For more information on successful and effective treatments available for drug and alcohol addiction, click one of the below links in our Treatment Education Resource Center:


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