Opiate Addiction: The Facts

Opiates are a supremely addictive substance synthesized from poppy plants (the plants that produce opium). Even opium is used in a number of narcotic prescription meds, and is the primary ingredient in Heroin. Above everything, opiates are drugs that must be taken under the supervision of medical professionals. Every other way of obtaining and using opiates, including purchasing them “on the street”, is illegal and dangerous, and is often viewed as a contributing factor in cases of opiate dependence and addiction.

Opiates act by traveling to the brain’s opioid receptors and shifting individuals’ perception of pain, leading to an acute sense of euphoria ( a “high”), that leads to overwhelming cravings and dependencies.

Withdrawal from Opiates

Whenever a user has opiates removed from their body, the systems in the brain respond instantaneously. Within hours, the brain starts “over-producing” endorphins, causing physical withdrawal. Major symptoms of opiate withdrawal often begin two to three days after last use, and can continue for weeks. The severity of particular symptoms depends on each person’s duration and frequency of opiate use. Addicts often experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and symptoms of psychological withdrawal and physical sickness up to 6 months after initial physical detoxification and withdrawal

Physical Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal Include:

Psychological Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal:

Opiate withdrawal symptoms should be managed by proper dispensation of medications aimed at lessening the severity of physical withdrawal sensations. Medications may include Subutex, Suboxone, Clinidine, Suboxone, and others.

Opiate Detox

The first major step anyone struggling with an opiate addiction should take is to enter a licensed opiate detox program. During detoxification, individuals are evaluated and monitored during the withdrawal process. This is vital because preexisting conditions and psychological problems will determine the specific treatment programs utilized in beginning the path of recovery.

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