A Chronic Relapser : Chapter 3

I am certain that after the rehab experience my parents were expecting me to be myself again, whatever that was...More

Self-Esteem & Addiction in Women

Clinical evidence unanimously supports a link between self-esteem and addiction – particularly in women with addiction issues. Worth is a...More

Addiction And The Family

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First Things First: You Didn’t Cause Your Loved One’s Addiction The addiction epidemic has a lot of American families anxiously...More

Seeking Addiction Treatment For Employees

Many employers recoil at the notion that their employees may suffer from drug or alcohol problems, but the fact is...More

Crossing The Imaginary Line – Chapter 2

So now I’m 13 years old.  I feel like I’ve entered into a new plane of existence.  I’m living with...More

Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment

PA Mental Health Treatment Addiction Treatment

For a long time, Addiction Treatment was considered (and administered as) an exclusive service. Providers and agencies assessed, planned and...More

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