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Strategies For Family Healing

Strategies for Dealing With An Addicted Loved One.

Once families have assessed the impact of addiction in their own dynamic; Once they’ve identified with the assumed roles associated with an addicted loved one, the only appropriate subsequent step is toward constructive, restorative action. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to begin implementing in activities of daily living.

Use this article as a reference and strategy guide for navigating the complex issues arising out of addiction and impacting the home. Remember, however, that educational content like this is no substitute for comprehensive guidance, counseling and community support.

What You Can Do For Your Loved One

What You Can Do For Yourself

Professional Clinical Expertise

These tips will provide a sufficient sense of clarity and direction, but they are no substitute for confidential work with a qualified professional. There are expert resources outside of community support groups designed specifically for families and loved ones living with alcoholics or addicts.

Family Rearrangement Therapy

Bradford Recovery Center’s PA drug rehab centers pioneered the “Family Rearrangement Program”. The FRP was designed to approach addiction with a family-focus: a dynamic problem, with correspondingly dynamic solutions. Call today to speak with a compassionate professional and identify if our programs are the right fit for you or your loved one.